IPS provides a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of your SMSF program.

Our SMSF Data Centre, which is a complete instruction interface and storage centre for all SMSF related documents, with a controlled user and third-party access. The SMSF Overview page, which provides a snapshot view of the progress of the annual SMSF return program for an adviser’s client base.

Key features of the SMSF Portal include:

  • Modular offering where IPS can either provide full administration or provide advisers with their own SMSF stakeholders access to the portal to produce the return/audit
  • Having real-time transparency over the progress of the SMSF return by bringing all parties to the one platform
  • Email/Workflow notification to the next party when a stage of the return is completed
  • Regularly updated news and alerts section
  • Document repository for all SMSF related documents, current and prior years
  • SMSF account opening
  • Supporting advisers referral relationships by giving access to multiple 3rd parties at a client level
  • Complete instruction interface
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