Integrated is a high function, technology enabled portfolio administration, reporting and investment platform, designed to be the core of any finance professional’s business.
Yes – Integrated is audited annually under GS007 standards by Grant Thornton Australia Ltd (ABN 41 127 556 389)
Integrated will adapt to you. We have a wealth of experience in providing administrative solutions but will not tell you how to do business.
That’s the benefit of Integrated! Integrated allows the adviser to deal with their client, Integrated and no one else. Starting with the client administration agreement that requires just one client signature, our Limited Power of Attorney enables us to deal with all other third parties on the client’s behalf. This includes setting up broking accounts, cash accounts and other investment related activities.
Under our Limited Power of Attorney, Integrated deals with all third parties involved in an investment portfolio. This includes share registries, fund managers, margin lenders, term deposit providers and banks to name a few.

From shares, bonds and cash, to property, gold and artwork. You can record all your assets in one place. Not only can we report on them but we can place the investment, maintain and value it as well redeem it when the time comes.

• All ASX listed securities
• Managed Funds
• Exchange traded options
• Term Deposits from over 30 providers
• Bonds
• Margin Lending
• Property
• Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
• Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs)
• International Equities
• Private Assets

Integrated has a large suite of reporting, ranging from valuation reports and performance to taxation and accounting. Some of the reports included are:

• Portfolio Valuation
• Portfolio Performance
• Investment Movements
• Unrealised
• Realised CGT
• Expenses
• Income
• Accounting Transactions

Integrated can provide a full range of white label reporting and communication options removing the hassle of communicating with a large client base. Monthly or quarterly investment reporting (email or post) is available as part of the service.
As part of our offering, we provide an annual tax report each year after reconciling all aspects of the portfolio. We provide one consolidated report with all information required to complete your tax return saving you time and money at EOFY.
Flexible adviser and client reporting is available 24/7 at the click of a button via our secure online portal.
What’s not included!? As part of our service, you will receive a dedicated Account Manager that will learn the inner workings of your business and be available to answer any questions you may have in person, via phone or email.
All client data is accessible via our proprietary system known as IPS Instruct.
Integrated Instruct has an inbuilt instruction management system known as Workflow. All investment related instructions can be lodged with Integrated via this portal which provides automatic email updates of progress and a secure audit trail of all requests.
Integrated provides a complete in-house mail service for all investment related communication such as dividend statements and corporate action announcements. Documents are uploaded and securely stored on our proprietary system and available for viewing or download online 24/7.
Integrated runs a whole suite of reconciliations daily, monthly, quarterly and annually. In fact, we have a page in our system dedicated to reconciliations and our reconciliation process is audited under GS007 standards.