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Opportunities still exist in the hunt for yield.

Hunting for yield is not a new topic. Coming into 2020, optimism was high for income investors, due to low interest rates both at home and abroad. Central banks sought to keep interest rates at ultra-low levels to support the economic recovery after the global financial crisis in 2008.

Record low interest rates were further exacerbated by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which forced governments to coordinate simultaneous interest rate cuts. This pushed yields below one percent, and in some cases pushed yields into negative territory.

In equity markets, companies were forced to reduce dividend payouts due to the economic impact of the lockdowns and consumer sentiment.

Interest rates have been declining steadily for 30 years

In this low yield environment, savvy investors are seeking out alternatives to public market assets. Private market investments are quickly becoming a popular choice, with potential benefits including higher return potential, lower volatility, lower correlation to traditional listed assets, and enhanced diversification.

However, private markets have long been the domain of institutional investors, as traditional investment platforms have not allowed advisors and their clients access to approved product lists.

The Integrated advantage

If you’re on the hunt for yield opportunities, Integrated can help you find them. Our proprietary workflow technology and unique operating model will give you access to bespoke opportunities not available on traditional platforms, together with complete back office freedom.

Better still, all illiquid assets will be held in your own name. Once your investment
has been facilitated, Integrated will:

— Administer and report on the investment
— Regularly liaise with all third parties
— Reconcile the position to ensure accuracy
— Notify and process any corporate actions relating to the investment


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Opportunities still exist in the hunt for yield.


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