How it works

The Integrated difference.

Our fully customisable investment platform offers real integration between CRM, Investment Platforms and SMSF programs, a complete view of wealth management positions and allows you to scale rapidly to focus on your individual client’s needs to name a few.

Portfolio and Data Aggregation Services

Hundreds of data sources at your fingertips

Our portfolio and data aggregation services allow you to consolidate financial data from hundreds of sources in one manageable place.

Integrated offers:

  • Easy to link streaming and real-time API
  • Acceptance of any data format
  • A single ‘source of truth’ instead of multiple data vendors
  • The first line of support for all customer issues
  • The ability to consolidate multiple relationships into a ‘single view’
  • Consolidation of off-platform or non-custodial assets such as: SPVs, Off-shore hedge funds or Private equity, foreign currency accounts, and unlisted bonds 
  • Consolidation of illiquid assets such as: property, collectibles, artwork, and private assets