How it works

The Integrated difference.

Our fully customisable investment platform offers real integration between CRM, Investment Platforms and SMSF programs, a complete view of wealth management positions and allows you to scale rapidly to focus on your individual client’s needs to name a few.

Portfolio Reporting and Administration


One-click access to all reports

Our trusted investment platform helps to take the stress out of portfolio administration, so you can invest your time more wisely.

Ongoing Reporting and Communication

  • Quarterly or monthly investment reporting (email or post) including, but not limited to:
  • Performance summary
  • Asset class allocation
  • Summary of transactions
  • Detailed investment income and expense summary
  • Realised and unrealised capital gains tax summary

Annual Tax reporting

  • Investment income and relevant tax components
  • Realised and unrealised capital gains tax summary
  • Summary of all investment transactions
  • Summary of all corporate actions
  • Expenses summary
  • Access to original dividend and distribution statement


  • In-house mail service
  • Collection and processing of all investment paperwork
  • Processing of corporate actions
  • Complete security via private login details

Online Access

  • 24/7 access to your investments 
  • Flexible Advisor and client reporting 
  • Data downloads and uploads 
  • Complete security via private login detail