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The Source of Truth

Every major decision begins with extensive research. As a trusted advisor, being able to access comprehensive and accurate data whenever you need it is crucial.
Having multiple data sets in one easy-to-access location helps to drive transparency and personalisation, offering customised insights, advice and alerts for your customers and helping you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Why use multiple sources?

Compiling data from multiple sources offers superior flexibility and choice, giving you the freedom to help your clients meet their financial goals. It is also possible that your clients may have amassed multiple investment accounts over the years that may not be advantageous to consolidate for taxation reasons.

The Integrated advantage

Integrated offers complete back office freedom with a range of customisable features that allow you to focus on creating long-term opportunities.

Access financial data simply and securely
At Integrated, our intuitive API architecture and simplified data model makes data aggregation easy. Our APIs provide accurate and up-to-theminute data that has been extensively reviewed, enriched and mapped for consistency.

Flexible formats
We have the ability to accept data from anyone involved in your ecosystem, in whatever format best suits you and your clients. This may be API, EPI, file-based integration or an Excel template – whatever works for you, we can make it happen.

Complete peace of mind
Any data that you house with Integrated will always belong to you, securely stored for added peace of mind. Should you decide to no longer use Integrated’s features in the future, our friendly team will bundle all available data in a format for your new data aggregator to use.


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The source of truth.