Innovative Wealth Management Solutions For Sydney

Make the smarter choice for your future. If you’re looking to enjoy the best that life has to offer, make the conscious choice to grow and protect your wealth. Integrated Portfolio Solutions offers a bespoke wealth management service, helping people at every stage on their journey to financial independence.

Wealth management is for everyone – not just high net-worth individuals. If you’ve got a modest amount of savings or valuable assets, we encourage you to speak to our team to learn how we could help you make the most of it. Discuss your goals with our friendly, knowledgeable staff and discover why people from all walks of life  across Australia choose Integrated Portfolio Solutions.

Smarter management of your private wealth

Don’t just lead a good life – enjoy a great one. Integrated Portfolio Solutions helps you make the most of every year and every dollar, offering comprehensive wealth management solutions tailored to your goals and your circumstances. Whether you’re looking to invest internationally, establish a trust for your children or simply lead a prosperous life, we can assist you.

With a deep understanding of the financial system, there’s no better guide for you than our financial planning and wealth management team. Our firm is proud to employ many experts with years of extensive experience, ensuring that regardless of the specifics of your financial objectives, we’ll be able to support you. Discuss your requirements with our team today and discover how we could help you live better and enjoy more.

Start a conversation with the wealth management experts

Choose to work with one of the country’s top wealth management firms and understand why so many people from North Sydney to Parramatta partner with Integrated Portfolio Solutions.

If you’re looking to get the most out of life, discuss your needs with one of our team members today. Contact Integrated Portfolio Solutions on (03) 8395 4333 or 0451 197 373, or email our office at and one of our staff will contact you. Enquiries can also be made via the contact form on our website.

Adding Real Value to your Business…

  • Free up your time to service clients
  • Focus on attracting new business
  • Reduce administrative workload
  • Leverage market leading technology
  • Integrate SMSF administrative solutions
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